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Hi , and welcome to my  website. My name is Adiel Hernandez and I'am a south Florida artist.

I was born in Cuba,1980, in the province of Sancti-Spiritus. I lived in a very small and friendly country side  town called Banao. 

It was there where everything started. I remember being fascinated with the Artworks of local Artists. The natural world that surrounded me, beautiful  mountains, crystal clear rivers and the colors of a perfect palette in front of me at all times created by Nature. I can still hear in my head the melodies of exotic birds singing, and the smell of rain and a heavy storm approaching in the afternoon. All these feelings, created a deep love for God's creation:Nature, which is present in every single piece of Art I create , exposed in different ways. But it wasn't until later on in life that I  would pursued Art, and made it a lifelong career.

In 1993 my family and I emigrated to the United States, settling down in Florida. I was 13. 2 years later we moved to the state of Georgia,..Vidalia-Lyons. That is a very special place for me. It was there where I  realized that I wanted to be an artist and started pursuing formally my Art career.

I studied Art for the next few years under great Art Teachers and Artists who influenced my Art.  But a lot of what I know, I discovered it myself and with the help of ART courses. But Art, is a never ending process, are always learning.

As I grew, I discovered that I was very attracted to Psychology and how our mind works. This is why many of my pieces have to do with Feelings and address behaviors and Emotions.

I work with different mediums, depending in the subject matter that I want to paint and the occasion. I also have a big love for Printmaking, I love the challenge it offers and the results it produces. 

My work could be seen in various Commercial and Private collections here in the USA and Greece.

I currently work from my Studio in Davie, Fl

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